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Crushpath makes sales and marketing easy. Almost too easy.

If you want to build your business, you've got to make yourself easy to find. The old way was to hire a small army of web designers, programmers and marketing pros. Or spend thousands a month on software. Not anymore. Crushpath takes the mystery out of sales and marketing, and puts the power in your hands.

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Other agents don't specialize in dental practices, like we do. You should think of the value of our specialization like the value of yours. We get dental practices, what they need and how to best get a fantastic deal for them. The best fits for us are practices looking for that sort of expertise.

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  • Make your elevator pitch.

    Do it yourself, one page pitch sites, pitch wizards and design templates help you tell your story in minutes. Edit anytime.

  • Share it with the world.

    Bang, you're everywhere! Showcase your work, email your pitch sites, update social networks instantly, use built-in advertising tools to get to the right people.

  • Handle success.

    Rise to the top. Endorsements and supporters make sure you're at the top of the list. Mobile keeps in on top of the action. Manage contacts all in one place.

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  2. Go to

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  3. Create your custom site.

    It only takes minutes. And you get your own vanity URL with your name on it :)

  4. Start using it to get business

    We even help you promote it everywhere.

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