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Future Software Engineer, Crushpath

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Become a Crushie Software Engineer ! Software Engineers at Crushpath are responsible for extending and maintaining the innovative Pitch Platform which is used by thousands of people every day to amp their business.

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As a results-driven organization, who prides themselves in our agility we require applicants to do a hands-on project. The project gives both parties a chance to mutually examine the dynamics and get a really good feel for our culture. The projects can then be contributed to the community if agreed.

The Gig

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  • Cloud Scalability

    Build a scalable distributed platform which can handle a large amount of traffic and performs complex operations seamlessly.

  • Lean

    Iterate quickly and release frequently using HTML/JS/CSS, Ruby, Sinatra and Ruby on Rails.

  • Beautiful Code

    Provide technical documentation and readable code. We use Code Climate and GitHub extensively

  • APIs

    Integrate with various 3rd party APIs including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, G+, Google Glass & Foursquare

  • Collaborate with designers and engineers

    Come up with proposals and recommendations

  • Communication Skills

    Excellent written and verbal skills in English.

Skills for the Job

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  1. Title

  2. Excellence at Software Development

    Computer Science degree is required. 6+ years doing software development including extensive experience with web development. 3+ years working with Ruby and experience with object oriented design. Solid web development experience.

  3. Test Driven Development Experience

    Experience writing automated tests and working with related frameworks (such as RSpec)

  4. Experience with relational and non relational databases

    Working knowledge of PostgresSQL (or MySQL) and noSQL solutions (i.e MongoDB). Being able to pick the right tool for the job.

  5. Experience doing performance optimizations via caching.

    Memcached or Redis a plus

  6. Cloud Experience

    Hands-on cloud experience with providers such as Heroku, Rackspace, AWS, Joyent or Cloud Foundry and leveraging 3rd party cloud services.

  7. MVC

    Experience with code MVC concepts and server side frameworks like Rails and client side frameworks like Backbone is a plus.

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