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I am working on a ruby gem for the Mirror Api and I need other explorers' help !

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You have Google glass today. You can and like writing ruby gems

Mirror API Concepts

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  • Timeline

    Your user's timeline is divided up into timeline items. You can use the API to insert and manage timeline items with REST operations over HTTP.

  • Subscriptions

    The Mirror API allows you to subscribe to notifications that are sent when the user takes specific actions on a Timeline Item or when the user location has been updated.

  • Contacts

    By default, Glassware only has access to the timeline items that it created. Contacts, combined with the SHARE built-in menu item, allow your users to share timeline items with other Glassware. This includes both timeline items created by other Glass

  • Location

    You can use the Mirror API to observe the user's location in timeline items, request their last known location directly, and subscribe to periodic location updates. You can also deliver pre-rendered map images in timeline cards...

  • Timeline Attachments

    Timeline items with attachments expose them in an array property aptly named attachments. The binary data for the attachment can be fetched from the URL found in the contentUrl property or via the attachments endpoint.

How to help

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    Make the code easier to use

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    Help us test it in your projects to make it as usable as possible

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