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Matt Wilkinson

Chief Product, Crushpath

(415) 713-1896

Work with a killer Product Dev team

We are of very passionate group of product folk, designers, and engineers who constantly strive for the premier user experience. Our Engineering team will blow your mind with our platform while you're drooling over the designs of our legendary UX team
You love to code in HTML, Javascript, CSS, HAML, Backbone, and want to make a dent in something really big and meaningful while joining a hyper-creative team of people who love what they do. You want to solve technical and UX challenges in a fast paced, collaborative environment. This is no shortage of opportunity here.

About Crushpath

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Crushpath is the new way for anyone to pitch themselves and manage their business relationships. It arms individuals with a tool to pitch their product, service, skills while also offering companies a complete, cloud-based sales and marketing solution (you're looking at part of our product now)

The Gig

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  • Develop innovative, high-volume web applications

    Work with the team of architects, performance experts, and back-end engineers

  • Collaborate with designers and engineers

    Come up with proposals and recommendations

  • Rapidly prototyping new ideas

    Measure the response. Iterate. Ship

  • Love GitHub

    Committing as a way of life

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